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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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mean, monday morning, so we will have a lot of commuters, but morning construction to talk b how is it looking in the weather department today? >> not bad at all, at least, you know, definitely going to stay dry, thief going for us yesterday, definitely also heating up in a very significant way here today. so, last two days easily hit the low 90s as was the expectation, keep it going today. today looks like it will ends up being the hottest day of the next seven, and, likely, hottest the heatwave, simply the fullest sunshine so starring offer on very warm note. we will show you the view, live look at sky scam three, over looking center city, all calm and quiet and clear, and it does stay that way throughout the course of the day, not going to necessarily stay low in terms of the humidity factor, that was the one thing that the weekend did not produce. terrible humidity, you know how that can make it so much more uncomfortable, that does start to change today. so, we are going to be dealing with some air quality issues as a result of that, as well,
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storm scan3, quiet as can be, we look at what we can expect as far as the dew point, always like to use this sort of comfort index here, at cbs-3, where we show you how it starts it really feel when you walk out the door. and today, is where it does begin, in terms of the steamy necessary, quickly checking on the area temperatures, it is into the 70s, many locations, so off to warm start, air go it will heat up with no problems. shooting for 94 in the city. and the full sunshine will extend across the entire delaware valley here today. , fantastic pool day, air conditioner required, as an if you have to be outside, i feel for the poor construction workers. >> i can't imagine how much water they go through. just clog g -- slugging it back. hope you have your coffee and water with you, morning construction, schuylkill westbound between belmont and city avenue. see the tail light trying to fin eagle their way through. that will lost the right lane, starting to see now single file lane, which as we
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progress in the 5:00 hour will cause some slow downs if that doesn't move out of the way. expected to get out of the way sometime in the 5:00 hour, but as you can see, still out there right now. looking at the vine, moving to and from the schuylkill, you can see, looking good out there, what we want to see in the 5:00 hour, some slow steady pickups, the boulevard, looking pretty good, as you move southbound toward the schuylkill few headlights out, there and delaware construction, route one southbound at 95 south, the ramp closed, between six a.m. and 7:00 p.m. weekdays until september 2nd. make note of that for those of how have to move in the area. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. pretty much everybody is interested in the eagles, especially, after the big overhaul of the roster this off season. now we do have the first look at the new look. take a look at rookie first rounds pick, nel on agholor, high pass from mark sanchez, turns on the burners. 34-yard touchdown puts eagles
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up seven to three. >> kenyan parker returned a punt, the eagles beat the colts at the linc 36 to ten. more highlight coming up next in sports. >> eagles fans still flying high this morning, again after yesterday's pre-season victory looking goo. we were into it. justin finch live for us at melrose diner with reaction, from excited fans. , good morning after blow out win, hopefully some sweep from yesterday, eagles fans would not make a bad choice, coming to the melrose for nice breakfast after long day of celebrating, likely still flying high as you said, from 36-ten win over the colts yesterday. now to the video, that high 90's temperature, it was hot at the linc, and the eagles were also hot too. >> steam rolling the colts before crowd of diehard fans, many who got to the link hours before to tailgate and stayed after, long after, that win.
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now, the bars were also packed too, many fans taking breaks, between beers and wings, to watch tim tebow stumble a bit. they say, but still manage with touchdown on the board, also watched new wide receiver nelson agholor make his first touchdown in eagles green, from 34 yards, after connecting with quarterback mark sanchez, now, a loft changes have happened under head coach chip kelly in the pre and post seasons, but so far, fans say they like what they see. >> team up pretty good actually, for a lot of new players, that actually seem to be doing pretty well. so it will be an interesting season to see what happens. >> yesterday fans got to see quarterback barkley, sanchez, and tebow. waiting to see sam bradford, we hear is healthy at this point, of course that dallas import demarco murray, see how he performs up against the ravens next week at the linc. and we are live from the melrose diner, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> i can't believe we're
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already talking football, justin, thanks. of course you can get the latest on the eagles win over the colton line at just click on sport. it is coming. >> switching gears now, happening today, a court hearing for local mother charged with abandoning her quadriplegic son in the woods, parlor scheduled for preliminary hearing on charges every attempted murder. authorities say, parlor abandoned her 21 year old son near her cobbs cobbs creek son t april, so she could visit her boyfriends in marylandment passerby found him several days later with only blanket and a bible. >> today marks 40 years since the deadly golf oil refinery fire, explosion right here if philadelphia. later this morning, mayor michael nutter and fire commissioner derrick sawyer will honor the eight philadelphia firemen killed in the blast. now, in addition to that, several wounded firefighters will speak about their experience in that explosion, donald trump expected to report for jury duty today in manhattan. imagine being part of that
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jury pool, right? a spokesperson for the republican presidential frontrunner says trump will be there, but if he fails to show up, it is a $250 fine with un farley. by the way trump spent the weekends outlining some of his ice east, the latest coming up in campaign 2016 in our next half hour. >> right now, though, police are investigating a triple shooting in olney, that's left three people hospitalized. officers say, two men and woman were shot, just after 10:00 last night, on the 5200 block of second street. so far, there are no arrests, and all of the victims are in stage condition. twenty-seven year old mark edwards is in custody this morning, accused in a hit-and-run, that left a six year old child hospitalized, on saturday. police say edwards hit four cars and a child on the 6600 block of sylvester street, in northeast philadelphia. child suffered broken bones, now edwards faces criminal mischief and other charges. >> well, police arrest the boyfriend of actor morgan freeman step granddaughter, after she was fatally stabbed
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in new york. heinz was the grant daughter of freeman as fires wife, found stabbed to death on the manhattan street outside front door. investigators say neighbor witnessed heinz boyfriend deaf davenport and shouting definitely be gone. morgan freeman released a statement saying the world will never know her artistry and talent and how much she had to offer. heinz had studied acting and was involved with teaching urban youth. >> developing right now, an indonesian search plane has spotted the wreckage of passenger plane that went missing yesterday. the twin turn bo prepare caring 49 passengers, five crew members, cbs news correspondent hen a daniels explains how ground teams are now trying to reach that crash site. >> rescue teams in indonesia are navigating dense forest and high mountains, trying to make their way to the site where the air service plane is believed to have crashed. earlier today, search crews
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spotted smoke and wreckage that most likely belongs to the twin turboprops. taken off on 42 minute journey to the city of observationbill, when it disappeared sunday in bad weather. relatives of some of the 54 missing people on board gathered at the airport, looking for information. since found in 1991, the airline has logged 14 serious incident, and written often aircraft, as beyond repair. it is now one of number every indonesian airlines barred from flying into the united states and europe. >> their operations there, safety oversight, their maintenance there, training, their entire infrastructure, is clearly less than adequate. >> sunday's crash is the latest in a string of aviation disasters in southeast asia. last december, 162 people aboard an airasia jet traveling to singapore, were killed when the plane plummeted into the java sea. malaysia airplanes flight 370
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vanished in march of 2014. so far, only part of the wing has been found. what happened to the 239 people on that flight, remains a mystery. hena daniels, cbs news. >> residents living near volcano told to evacuate because of danger of erruption. raised alert to second highest level saturday. now the move come days after nuclear reactor nearby was switched back on. this one had been closed since the disaster back in 2011. wild fires are burning out west, across four different state. we'll tell you what is being blamed for at least one every them. also ahead, could oscar pistorius be freed from jail? details on when the disgraced olympian may be released, and it is no where near the five years he was sentenced to. plus, it has been almost three years since super storm sandy, and now one of the hardest hit areas gets ready to rebuild. we'll have that for you coming up next.
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>> ♪ >> oh, yes, she certainly has style. she has also got some surprises up her sleeve. we'll tell you what she pulled out when she performed the song over the weekend. we'll be right back ♪
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after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! >> who can forget these images of seaside heights casino peer devestated in super storm sandy. three years later the department of environmental protection, grant to go rebuild 225-foot by 266-foot section of the boardwalk, owners of the amusement peer will also relocate their sky ride car attraction, 160 feet from its current location. 50,000 fans hit the beach for the maroon five and nick jonas concert. all part of atlantic city beach concert series. concert goers packed the beach town, bringing lots of business to local stores and restaurants, the show also created dozens of temporary jobs and provided work for laborers, needed for the concert set up.
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>> another concert happening this one at penned landing where the annual car indian festival took place. took the sounds every island music from variety artist and got to try out exotic food. the 28th year for the annual event which is all part of peco multi culture series. pretty nice weekends, little hot side. >> talk caribbean, what you would hope for, some jerk chicken, some good hot sunshine, i can dill that -- dig. that will definitely looking at more of the same, very steamy day, too, as we hit the mid 90s once more. starting to he seem ram up of humidity, becomes more after concern when it comes to their health issues. >> camera views in the live neighborhood camera outside we go, one of the favorite shots, real nice just look at the
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city from a far. look over the delaware river, things pretty quiet, very tranquil. gig our winds flow remains out of the southwest, high pressure just baking away, that's exact what i will happen to the pollute and the in the air, particle pollution, and that's when you can start to have some rest respiratory problems. storm scan3, yes, nice and quiet. doesn't necessarily stay that way through the week, always something that we have to track down the road, it comes in the form of what looks to be a very sluggish frontal boundary, very, very slow mover this guy, will take its time. and all we can do in the meantime just heat up and steam up in advance of it. >> notice not the entire delaware valley affected by this, a loft your urban corridor, most of central and obviously southwestern new jersey, is included here. >> suffer from the respiratory illnesses fall into the sensitive category, children,
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elderly, take it easy out there. take temperatures going up stay from here, today, though, actually ends up being the hottest whatever we are forecasting, and will off i shall will make it heatwave for you. talking dew points, remember, the higher the dew point gets the more mug at this starts it feel. as we get closer and closer to the 70s, that's where it starts to become awfully steamy and soupy outside. so by noon today, it will be really uncomfortable, unfortunately, guys. i would definitely order in, if you are going to be ordering lunch today. tomorrow similar scenario at 74, wilmington, by the height of the afternoon. looking quickly at the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, we do expect these 90s to continue at least until wednesday. then the colds front finally, finally, moves in. but it will be bringing with it some showers and storms. meisha, over to you. >> all right, so monday throwing us the curve ball, 94 yeast, going to be a hot one out there. good morning, everyone, still early, still very dark out there. so we have morning
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construction to tell b the schuylkill westbound between belmont and city avenue. the right lane you can see, is blocked off. so they are casino of in a single file lane. still hoping it get cleared sometime this hour. but i will keep you updated when it does, because this will certainly cause some slow downs for some of you traveling the schuylkill in and around the area. then we have disable tractor-trailer, 95 southbound, near cottman. this is another area that's going to be affected by this, if it doesn't get out of the way, just because 95 southbound cottman so busy. >> pass that tractor-trailer, and then, of course being looking at the boulevard, southbound at fox street, got to give that you shot it, looks so great. delaware construction route one southbound 95 south ramp closed between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. weekdays until september 2nd. in and around the area, the wide looking pretty good, going to the map, looking at
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the speed censors, over to you. >> thank you, the faa now investigating a hot air balloon accident, in lancaster count that i left three people injured. maryland woman in critical but stable condition at local hospital. the pilot, a five year old robert fisher of honeybrook, pennsylvania, another passengers, both in stable condition. police say the donating hot air balloon got tangled in wires saturday night, and shocked the people inside. investigate err says the balloon operated by new horizon balloon in lancaster county. faa also a deadly collision in san diego, two planes crashed mid-air, approached small airport, four people on the planes were killed, and now crews extinguished small fires that ignited as a result of the crash. >> another fatal sky, one of two parachuting injured during mid-air collision in chicago has died. >> this happened saturday during the chicago air and water show. witnesses say the victim, identified as sergeant first class cory hood, hit the top of the building during stunt.
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now the other man suffered a broken leg, and was later released from the hospital. it is 5:19. oscar pistorius could be freed from prison as early as this friday, according to report in the british newspaper, the independent. the pistorius served just ten months of five year sentence. the one time olympic athlete found guilty of culpable homicide. shooting death of his girlfriend, and prosecutors plan to put that in court. >> more on yesterday's pre-season eagles game, plus. >> this. >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> wait until you see the major league baseball team, recreating the popular 80s tv show, it will gave you a little chuckle this monday morning. we'll see few familiar face
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when is we come back. >> ♪
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sports, baltimore ravens come to south philadelphia this saturday night, pre-season game two, battle of the birds of course. now in yesterday's first pre-season game, we got to see some of what first round pick nelson agholor can do. he grabs the pass from mark sanchez, and out runs everybody to the ends zone. tim tebow, also seeing some time yesterday. ran for one touchdown, as well, completed six and 12 passes for 69 yards. now the eagles win this one, 36 to ten, and coach kelly says, the young players did well. >> what are they going to be like when you get them in a game? that's the encouraging thing, sometimes the guys stands out in practice, that's been history, then get in the game, and not the same player, then other guys that weren't so good, standing out on the practice stands out in the
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game. before you get a chance to look at the film, some of the guys i thought really stepped to up make some plays. >> phil back home tomorrow night. to play quick two-game series with the blue jays, now yesterday the phillies look to go salvage one gay, but, it was not meant to be, folks, the brewers ryan braun hit fifth inning grand-slam. to so this one up from milwaukee, tide for the most in brewers franchise history. phils unfortunately lose their third straight game six to one. chase utley still a fill, sat out yesterday's game in milwaukee, told the angels, cubs, and giants, all said to be considering trading for utley. crazy finish at the ppl park yesterday, union sebastian scored in the second half, to make it look like things were starting to go the union's way. but, on the very next series down field, the chicago fire get little help from a ball that looks to be out of bound.
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touchings out the pass goes out in front, they tie up the game there. final score, three to three, the union plays in montreal, saturday night. >> to the pga championships, jason day, out lasts the competition to win first major with record score. lies no see. tiring woods went 19 under, at the 2,000 british open. so big congrats to jason day, for his first major championship at the ppa. good to see the tears flowing. >> san francisco giants are currently winning internet hashtag winning, sure to win the heart of any 80s child, take a look. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, i just love there is i mean, just makes you feel good
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hearing that song, doesn't it? you see former phillie hunter pence there in the spoof, team apparently created? parody of the show full house, calling it full clubhouse. all to promote their september 30th game against the la dodgers. there is even a appearance from uncle joey himself. so that's pretty amazing, one thing, cut it out. >> moving on, take a look at this give away. snow globe featuring san francisco iconic painted latest on alamo square. that's apparently where the tv show took place. >> 5:26. advisors to vice president joe biden reportedly set deadline for him to make decision, we'll have details coming up in the next half hour. nicole, definitely something toasty day for us here in the delaware vale, weekends was hot, don't get me wrong, but today that humidity starts to become more after factor, talking temperatures, also
5:27 am
talk about how long this heatwave that we're going to see today is going to last.
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good morning, today is monday, august 17th, thanks for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. >> how this team's iphone
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helped him out after life threatening situation. we're going to have more on, that and your news, headlines, first a check on weather and traffic. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. it is looking good, me specially, quiet, but tis the season, right? still construction season, so still overnight construction project to tell but in just a movement katie, how is it looking for you? >> not bad at all. at least off to quiet start. really warm outside. like it is mid 70s already, so it can only go up from here, obviously. as it does so, we expect to make it official, make another heatwave here today. one of those days, too, take care of yourselfment construction workers, working outside, just take it it easy, we always stress. that will i always feel like a mom at that point, right? like i know. >> basically know by now, because they have lived it. >> absolutely. >> loading up with water and stuff. >> they know how to work through there is but yes, rough stuff today. take it he is eye,


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